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Interwaste is the only company in New Zealand offering a zero-to-landfill 100% recycling service for all forms of mercury lamps. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a highly toxic waste, which, if disposed of irresponsibly can pollute waterways and damage the environment.

Interwaste provides an easy and effective service of fluorescent lamp disposal in order to ensure compliance with New Zealand regulations.  The disposal of mercury in New Zealand is tightly regulated. Mercury containing lamps are considered a hazardous waste when the concentration of mercury exceeds 0.2mg/l. Most lamps (weighing between 200-300g) contain between 0.3 – 20mgs of mercury. Therefore, New Zealand regulation ensures that lamps sent to landfill are minimised.

In order to ensure our customers safety we provide specialty bins to safely store fluorescent tubes in order to minimise risk of mercury exposure.Our range of bins include

  • FT100
    • holds approx 100 tubes
  • FT50
    • holds approx 50 tubes
  • CFL Box
    • compact fluorescent lamp box for small tubes and lamps

Recycling Process

Interwaste has developed a unique process for the separation and recycling of mercury in lamps including fluorescent and mercury based energy effiicent lighting. This provides New Zealand with the only zero-to-landfill option for the disposal of fluorescent and other energy efficient mercury based lighting.

In order to recycle the tubes they are first crushed, the elements are separated, and mercury is recovered. All products are then distilled and recycled into by-products.

Marketable by-products include: 

  • Aluminium from tube ends is recycled into cast products such as ingot used for foundry application. 
  • Glass from lamps are separated and recycled into the glass wool used to insulate homes.
  • Mercury is distilled from separated powders and then re-used in the manufacture of dental amalgam. 
  • Phosphor powder from the tubes is used for the manufacture of fertiliser products and sold to New Zealand and Australian agriculture industries.

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