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Interwaste has partnered with BOC, New Zealand’s leading provider of Liquid Nitrogen and Medical Gas, to be able to deliver to you all your medical gas and liquid nitrogen needs.

Interwaste offers a full range of medical gas products including:

  • Medical Oxygen in a range of cylinder sizes (A, D2 as well as the INHALO cylinder which is an integrated cylinder and regulator);
  • Medical Air;
  • Entonox;
  • Nitrous Oxide;
  • Medical Carbon Dioxide.

In addition, Interwaste can provide a full range of equipment associated with medical gases, including regulators, flowmeters, masks, and tubing and trolleys.

Interwaste will also provide you with liquid nitrogen requirements. Additionally to Liquid Nitrogen, Interwaste are able to source and supply a range of Liquid Nitrogen Dewars (4-50 litres), Cryospray units, personal protective equipment, ladles, Dewar cradles and withdrawal devices for you to purchase. 

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As the safety of Interwaste’s staff and customers is paramount please read the material safety data sheets for liquid nitrogen and medical gas attached.

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