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Interwaste provides a superior and comprehensive medical service that assists a wide range of practitioners within the medical industry, including: district health boards, public and private hospitals, General Practitioner's, nursing and rest homes, medical specialists, blood banks, laboratories, veterinary clinics, dentists, aged care facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  

Interwaste is New Zealand's largest, national medical and clinical-waste disposal company.   Our professional services team will tailor make a solution to fit the requirements of your healthcare facility.  

Interwaste's all inclusive medical waste package ensures medical and related wastes are segregated, containerized, transported, treated, and disposed of by a team of fully trained professionals using a nationwide network of specialised vehicles.  

Interwaste's nationwide operation includes a range of steam sterilisation units, providing environmentally responsible treatment solutions. Interwaste's advanced barcode tracking system provides a visible audit system, from collection to destruction, ensuring medical practitioners and healthcare professionals are acting in compliance with the NZS4304:2002 regulations on the management and safe disposal of infectious and contaminated waste.

You may like to review our different medical waste solutions.

Infectious Medical and Clinical Waste Products 

Interwaste provides a range of yellow bins to hold infectious waste contaminated by blood and other bodily fluids. Our comprehensive package provides a safe method for storage, and ensures infectious wastes are contained in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Interwaste product range includes:

  • 660L Bin
  • 240L Bin
  • 120L Bin
  • 50L Bin
  • 40L Bin

Specialty Bags which range in size, type and thickness are also available for healthcare facilities with limited space.

We also offer a full range of options for safe and compliant disposal of sharps including syringes, scalpels, glass, needles and other single use surgical instruments.

Controlled Waste

Interwaste offers a comprehensive controlled waste collection and disposal service which is fully compliant with the segregation, transportation and disposal requirements of NZS 4304:2002.  This service is in addition to the infectious waste and sharps disposal options.  Please contact us to discuss this requirement further.

Pharmaceutical Waste Products

Interwaste is licensed and qualified to take all grades of special and hazardous wastes, offering technical onsite management, and support to practitioners, and we have a proven track record in the collection and disposal of pharmaceutical, laboratory, and other sensitive wastes.  Our national network service hosts a fleet of vehicles and our trained drivers operate a unique barcode system, giving our customers a visible audit record of waste movements, from collection to destruction, so you can ensure compliance with your duty of care according to NZ legislation.

Interwaste Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal product range includes:

  • 240L Bin
  • 50L Bin
  • 40L Bin
  • 30L Bin
  • 20L Bin

Specialty Bags which range in size, type and thickness are also available for facilites with limited space.

Recycling of Healthcare Facility Waste

Interwaste offers healthcare facitliities and practitioners a full recycling service including recycling of all types of clean waste and some types of infectious waste.  Recycling opportunities include:

  • Clean sterile wrap recycling
  • Single Use items separation and recycling
  • Metal item recycling

All of these recycling options require the healthcare facility to segregate the items for recycling and Interwaste collects the segregated products and processes them for recycling.

Customer Reporting

We have available to all our larger healthcare facility customers an online live reporting portal which allows our customers to track the volume, type and cost of waste collected.  Please contact us directly for more information.

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