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Interwaste provides a quality-assured, secure waste destruction and brand protection service, catering for all industries.

Interwaste is aware of the problems organisations face when disposing of sensitive wastes such as expired pharmaceutical stock and other marketable products, along with confidential data, such as document or disk records.  Interwaste has developed a broad package, which guarantees customers a safe and efficient method to dispose of any sensitive wastes.

Interwaste's team of specially trained, professional staff, and fleet of secure and authorized vehicles, provide our customers with the confidence they require when disposing of secure waste. Interwaste takes pride in offering the up-most confidentiality to all of our customers and takes full responsibility of all waste from the point of collection, in order to ensure waste is disposed of in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

Interwaste has developed the only advanced tracking system in New Zealand, which provides a fully visible trail of waste from collection to disposal. Interwaste will further provide customers with destruction certificates, ensuring a reliable record of destruction.

Interwaste offers a witnessed secure destruction service if required undertaken at one of our secure MPI approved facilites.

Bins and Collection Service

Interwaste provides customers with a range of secure bins according to their particular needs. Bins are provided according to product.

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